pcc toolkit 2014 bronze award winner


January 2014 – March 2014

All Postal Customer Councils (PCCs) continue to explore ways to grow and add value to their membership. This PCC Membership Toolkit is intended to help you with that effort. The Toolkit contains best practices, templates and more. These tools should assist you with your membership growth initiatives in ways that save time, money and resources, do you have the need to write a letter to acquire new members; what about a new membership application; have you given thought to reaching out to your local Chamber of Commerce, but do not know how to get started; and what about the need to provide the value of PCC membership to prospective new members. Look no further! You should review the content of this Toolkit for help.

It should be noted that the Toolkit is a living document. Therefore, please share with us the best practices and templates that have provided great results for your PCC. Please email them to PCC@ usps.gov and they will be included in the next version of this resource.

For suggestions and advice, please feel free to contact the members of the PCC Advisory Committee (PCCAC) Membership Subcommittee.
We hope all of you take advantage of this important resource to help grow your PCC membership and good luck!

Toolkit completed by: PCCAC Membership Subcommittee 
Date: March 2014
2014 PCC Leadership Awards - was awarded the BRONZE Award for Innovation

Congrats to the Team!